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Bein' Bros by TheSilentSiren Bein' Bros by TheSilentSiren
I haven't uploaded in forever! -sobs- I've been so busy and Photoshop decided I needed a mental breakdown after hours of working- BUT ITS BEEN MUCH TOO LONG.

So anyways continuing my School Subjects Humanized idea here is Health (on the left) and Sex Ed. (on the right)! They are brothers. Yes. (They're so awkward looking! :noes:)

He is the cleaner brother, in fact he tends to be downright germaphobic. The little faded version of him in the picture is actually what he's feeling and thinking on the inside. He's just too proud and uptight to actually let his brother know that. And he's more afraid of his brothers germs than any one elses. Health likes to make sure he looks clean and perfect, no stray hairs, no unsightly wrinkles in his clothes, and absolutely NO chance of his pants falling down. Thus he ALWAYS wears a belt. And to top it all off he's a huge neat freak.

One of Health's favorite hobbies is also to go around telling people what's healthy for them and what's not. He does all the time. XD

What a hypocrite.

Sex Ed. (Education)

The much wilder brother, he's a real partier, a big drinker, and sleeps around. He's bisexual and in an open marriage with Home Ec. (he's actually more likely to snuggle up to her than to make love to her because he really does love and respect her) He knows his brothers fear of germs, but, like everyone else, he doesn't know how far it goes. On the side there in his faded out self he has the attitude of "Lol my brother's weird." (he's right too) He purposely bothers his brother with the knowledge that Health is more afraid of Sex Ed.'s germs more than anyone else's because he has no clue where his brother has been and what or who he's been doing.

But despite both of their differences, they're still brothers and they really do love each other on the inside.

Both Health and Sex Ed. belong to :iconthesilentsiren:
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April 10, 2012
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